Another one bites the dust

Slowly but surely my place is getting finished. The latest is my bedroom, it’s only 14′ 4″ by 8′ 10″, smaller than some of your bathrooms, so you might be surprised that it took so long to finish but, as always, it’s the details that take the time. Here it is before I moved in. […]

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Finished, I’m finished !

Well, not really. The kitchen is done. I’m so happy, I can now cook myself beautiful meals. There’s not a lot left to do, new floor in the bathroom, putting up some shelves, new curtain poles and curtains, getting artwork framed. While not a lot of work, it’s still going to take a while to […]

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All by myself

It’s taking time but I think that Black is coming to terms with losing his brother. Both cats were always talkative and he’s become more talkative as his brother isn’t around to either shut him up or add his voice. For the first 7-8 days he was howling, especially in the early hours of the […]

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Man plans, God laughs

I put an offer on a place and it was accepted. So, subject to something unexpected happening, I have my new home. It’s a little scary to buy a home based purely on the pictures. I had a list of must haves and desirables. My potential new home hit all of the must haves, except […]

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