A week in the life of

Briefly, I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been keeping the blog up to date. Much of it is things that wouldn’t work so well on the blog. Much as  things like Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Genius is a wonderful exhibition, it’s only on for a few months and isn’t likely to travel […]

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Square Pie

As you all know, I really enjoy eating and so I’m trying out difference places and different food types. And I recently went to Square Pie which is a very very English tradition. Pie sellers were the food trucks of the medieval English world, they’d be out selling their pies from Dawn to Dusk. Cut-me-own-throat […]

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Some people

Should either learn to read or be shot, not sure that I care; at the moment. You’d think that with signs like these plastered all over the fire exits people would use the unalarmed exits but NO. But No, at least once a week, someone uses one and kicks off the alarm. The alarm goes […]

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The Greenwoods

The Greenwoods implies lots of trees, lush grasses, a little brook with crystal clear water and a few whitewashed thatched cottages with their kitchen and flower gardens here and there. That’s not where I live. Here’s where I live It’s a fairly unremarkable building. It was built 1989/90 and opened in 1991. There are 59 flats, 16 […]

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Numbers, Numbers

All of the flats have a box like this one outside the front door. This one, outside my door is newer than most and I assume was installed by the former owner of the flat. The purpose being that a carer can open it up to get a key so they can let themselves into […]

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The Bathroom

Bathrooms, only second to Kitchens in terms of expense. When I first saw the picture, I thought that I’d be able to install a bath instead of the shower. I’ve always preferred having a bath to a shower, must be the European in me ! When I had the pump installed, I asked the plumber […]

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