Thoughts on Thanksgiving

I hope that you had a stress free Thanksgiving. For the last 18 years, life has gone from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year in a kind of a blur. Which is to say Candy adverts to Turkey / Black Friday Sale adverts to Christmas and New Year adverts. This year, if it […]

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Completion has happened

As of May 22nd, I now own my (1st?) home for retirement. I’m very happy that I got here, after the delays caused by the unfortunate death of the previous owner, I wasn’t completely sure that I’d get across this particular finish line. But we did.  As with a number of steps in this process, […]

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Ch Ch Ch Changes

Just when everything looks safe, life throws you a curve ball. The woman whose apartment I’m buying died suddenly on March 18th. The Estate Agent (Realtor) told me that the heirs still wanted to sell the place to me but that there would be an unspecified delay. I immediately went into problem solving mode. Should […]

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Some people say that pets are pretend children and that you should get a pet before you have a child. This is just wrong headed thinking. Pets are way more important than children. I have 2 cats approx 16 years old. I’m moving 6,000 miles to a new country. What to do with the cats? […]

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