Quick Update

A friend pointed out to me that its been a long time since I posted anything so, here’s a quick update. I’ve three trips to update you on. Bournemouth, Bruges and York. Stay tuned for those. The cat, he’s currently in the vet hospital. While I was away last week, the cat sitter noticed that […]

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Senior Care

Last night (28/2/2017), I had a dream where I was in South Carolina talking to a former work colleague about Senior Care. In her case it was about how to arrange care for her elderly parents in India. In my case, it started about me but soon morphed into taking care of the cat. The […]

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Been a while

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything. It’s amazing how quickly, “I’ll do it tomorrow” becomes next week, next month, etc.  As I sat down to start this post, the cat trotted over, threw up and walked away. I’m not sure if it was his comment on 2016, a prediction for 2017 or […]

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A week in the life of

Briefly, I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been keeping the blog up to date. Much of it is things that wouldn’t work so well on the blog. Much as  things like Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Genius is a wonderful exhibition, it’s only on for a few months and isn’t likely to travel […]

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The Greenwoods

The Greenwoods implies lots of trees, lush grasses, a little brook with crystal clear water and a few whitewashed thatched cottages with their kitchen and flower gardens here and there. That’s not where I live. Here’s where I live It’s a fairly unremarkable building. It was built 1989/90 and opened in 1991. There are 59 flats, 16 […]

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Numbers, Numbers

All of the flats have a box like this one outside the front door. This one, outside my door is newer than most and I assume was installed by the former owner of the flat. The purpose being that a carer can open it up to get a key so they can let themselves into […]

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