Senior Care

Last night (28/2/2017), I had a dream where I was in South Carolina talking to a former work colleague about Senior Care. In her case it was about how to arrange care for her elderly parents in India. In my case, it started about me but soon morphed into taking care of the cat.

The cat is going to be 17 in 6 weeks, no he’s not getting a party. He’s never thrown me one.

I do spend an inordinate amount of time worrying him. Getting great food for him and new toys, etc, etc. I’m pretty sure that if I was married, the cat would still be the No 1 relationship in my life. Perhaps the reason I’m not is because I don’t have any room left over in my life for anyone or anything else.

The latest worry is Cat Dementia, which I think is why I had last night’s dream. If it wasn’t for Goggle, I wouldn’t have any idea that it existed and been a lot happier.

I was doing a search for Cat howling & cures and came across Cat Dementia. Pretty much every night, he wakes up sometime between 1-6 am and starts howling. Surprisingly, it wakes me up and I end up feeling tired during the day.

It’s also one of the symptoms of cat dementia. He has about 50% of them. Does he have it, don’t know and probably never will. But it does explain some of his behaviour, especially as the Vet can’t find anything physically wrong with him.

In the meantime, he gets on with his life and, I think, taking pleasure for waking me up at least once a night.


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