2017 – The Year of Transformation

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been a member of the SGI (Soka Gakkai International) since 1993 practising firstly in the UK and then in the USA and now back in the UK. The reason I mention this because every year the SGI has a theme. 2017’s is “The Year of developing youth in the new era of worldwide Kosen-Rufu”

This year, I decided to give the year a theme for me and it’s, “The Year of Transformation.” Yes, I am a little late in getting going but better late than never. As January 1st rolled round, I initially decided not to have any resolutions / intentions but I still wanted to be moving my life to move forward. After all, water that doesn’t flow quickly becomes stagnant and if I’m not doing something, I’ll become stagnant and spend my days watching soap operas and eating bonbons or something equally dull. So, I thought it would be good set some objectives for 2017.

So, about 10 days ago, I sat down with some paper and a pen and spent 5-7 minutes jotting down ideas, wishes, random thoughts whatever you want to call them. I was thinking about what I’d like to achieve by the end of 2017. It was a bit like automatic writing, I wasn’t paying attention to what I was writing, just getting the thought down on paper to look at later.

After running out of steam, I looked at the paper and thought, “Wow, I could be a Dr. with this quality of handwriting.” I ended up with 32 items on a couple of sheets and I reviewed them asking a simple questions, “How much do I really want to do this?” I ended up with 17 which I whittled down to a starting list of 5. As I complete some of them during the year, I’ll add more. 5 seems like a manageable chunk of things to be working on.

The five are

  1. Travel to some new places and revisit some old. This one is always going to be the list as it’s one of the major reasons I took earlier retirement for.
  2. Improve health, weight and level of fitness. 2016 not a great year for any of these. My Dr wants to put me of statins and will unless I lose a bunch of weight. She’s also testing me for asthma and I had a lump chopped off my back that fortunately turned out to be non cancerous.
  3. Increase circle of friends. I’ve been very lazy about this one. I was spoilt living close to the centre of San Francisco. I could be pretty much anywhere in the city in 15-20 minutes so meeting friends and getting home again was quick and easy. Living on the out skirts of London, it takes 60-90 minutes to get anywhere, and so I’ve been passing up opportunities to go out, do things and meet people.
  4. Improve things at The Greenwoods. In my view, the Management Company haven’t been properly looking after the estate. For example, the interior of the building hasn’t been decorated since 1998.
  5.  Answer the question, “What is home?” I don’t want to be fighting with a Management Company to have a decent place to live. I’ve been watching a program, Bargain Brits in the Sun about people who’ve moved to Southern Spain to live, there’s a lot of retirees there.

Things are moving in all areas.

  1. Planning a trip to Spain. Barcelona (revisit), Madrid (new) and Southern Spain (new). Cardiff (new), Liverpool (revisit), Glasgow (revisit)
  2. There are several million eating plans out there and I’m going to find the one that works for me. I’m currently trying the 8 hour window, where you only eat between, say, noon and 8pm. I like things that are easy !
  3. I’m already seeing improvements when I committed myself to getting out of bed early (8 am) to get to a 10 am Friday weekly coffee morning and lunch.
  4. We’ve had a meeting with the Management Company. We’ll see if they make any improvements. The words, “Useless bloodsuckers” have been used to describe them.
  5. I like my flat, I like its location but I don’t like how the fabric of the building is being allowed to deteriorate.

Watch this space.

How are you going to transform in 2017?


3 thoughts on “2017 – The Year of Transformation

  1. Hi Chris thanks for the update – your 5-point plan for change this year sounds impressive (except that Banbury is not on your list of places to visit!) Good luck with it all and please do keep me posted, I do like receiving your messages and updates. I still hope we can meet up at some point for a proper catch up – maybe one day it will happen!! Take care, love Sue xxx Sent from Susan McNiven’s iPhone



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