My New Normal

I realized / discovered at the end of 2016 that I’d been mildly depressed for the previous 4-6 months, maybe a little longer.

Some of it is to due with me being in mourning for my old life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not missing my job or working. I am missing the social aspects of work. I am missing my old apartment. I am missing my old friends and some of the restaurants and places we’d go to. I am missing great Mexican food; I haven’t even found acceptable Mexican food, yet.

I’m really missing my old routines.

It took a while to hit me because of all the excitement of moving, setting up a new home and reconnecting with family. About May / June 2016, that was all done and I could relax. That’s when I began thinking, “Is this it?” and started sliding into a mild depression.

What I hadn’t done in that time was set setup My New Normal. That’s still a work in progress.

It hit me the other day that Retirement is a lot like finding a new job. You have the should I, shouldn’t I discussions. Then there’s the excitement of the hunt. The thrill of finding the new job and leaving the old one behind with all of its frustrations. Finally, the realization that while you’ve left awful John in Accounting behind, you’ve now got the dreadful Alex from marketing to deal with. In my case, John/ Alex is dealing with Hanover Housing, the organization who manage The Greenwoods.

To help me with creating My New Normal, I’m reading a book on Retirement Planning and may even go on a course. I’m looking to try some new things this year and if X doesn’t work, I’ll try Y.

My New Normal for the start of 2017 may be very different by the end. Watch this space.


4 thoughts on “My New Normal

  1. Thanks for sharing your story. I feel it’s such an important yet little-discussed aspect of retirement. It’s important to be able to keep a social base especially during a big transitional period.

    Hugs to you and please take care of yourself. Love hearing how you’re doing!


  2. Hello Chris, was nice to see a post from you, but sorry to hear you’ve been feeling low. If your plans for this year include a bit of travelling around, I would really love it if you include Banbury, it would be so good to see you! Hope this year’s a good one for you, and that whatever plans you go ahead with gets you get back on track. You know…I would recommend getting a dog! Our little one, Elvis, has brought us so much pleasure, we adore him and wouldn’t be without him…however though a doggy might cheer you, and even create some structure in your life, there is downfall…they restrict what you are able to do in terms as gadding about, so if you do plan any travelling, scrap that idea straight away!

    Good luck with whatever you do anyway…I look forward to your next post with an update.

    Love, Sue xxx

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    1. Hi Sue. I don’t think that the cat would like having a dog around. He barely tolerates me ! I am planning to go up to Liverpool for a few days to see people, let me know when you’re next going up and, maybe, we can meet there. Otherwise I guess I’ll have to drag myself to the middle of nowhere to see you. Take care. Chris


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