Been a while

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything. It’s amazing how quickly, “I’ll do it tomorrow” becomes next week, next month, etc. 

As I sat down to start this post, the cat trotted over, threw up and walked away. I’m not sure if it was his comment on 2016, a prediction for 2017 or a complaint about the food I’m feeding him. 

Now that’s dealt with, I can get back to this post. 

I miss structure, I read an interview with some an ex-army guys. There were some complaints about pay, food and all the normal things you’d expect about the workplace, and a few unique to the army, one thing they all missed was the structure their life had. That’s what I’ve been missing over the last few months. 

Monday – Friday, the daily grind. Saturday – Sunday, spending time with friends. 

All vanished in an instant. And, not really replaced with anything. 

So, January is going to be about putting some simple structures back in my life. Maybe a regular bedtime instead of 9pm some nights and 4am the next. I’ll let you know what it is, when I’ve worked it out. 

Is there anything you’re focusing on. Note, I didn’t say resolution 😀


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