Eurovision Party

Last weekend, I went to a Eurovision party. Briefly, Eurovision is a song contest started in 1956 with a few Western European countries that’s now expanded to 42 countries including those well known European countries Israel and Australia.

Not wanting to keep you in suspense The Ukraine won with a catchy little tune called 1944. Russia, who were the bookies favorite, weren’t happy. So, the Ukraine mightn’t exist and so be able to host the 2017 contest.

The party was great, too much food, too much drink and lots of laughter at the contest. So, an ideal Eurovision Party.

I got home just before 1 am and was completely wiped out the next day.

I wasn’t happy.

There was a time in my life when I was out 7 days a week until 3-4 am get a couple of hours sleep and then into work, back home, eat and out for the night. What happened?



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