The Greenwoods

The Greenwoods implies lots of trees, lush grasses, a little brook with crystal clear water and a few whitewashed thatched cottages with their kitchen and flower gardens here and there.

That’s not where I live.

Here’s where I live

2016-01-08 02.42.10
View from entrance road 

It’s a fairly unremarkable building. It was built 1989/90 and opened in 1991. There are 59 flats, 16 2 bed and 43 1 bed. There’s an office for the onsite estate manager, a common room, laundry room, storage room and a small guest suite.

The land must have belonged to the Church of England as I needed to take out a Chancel insurance policy in case the CoE came with a demand for me to cough up £X thousand as part of their church restoration projects.

Here’s the entrance to the complex.

2016-01-08 02.41.11
Entrance to the Greenwoods


It is nestled between mid / late Victorian terraces that are common to a lot of London suburbs. These are very similar to the house that I was born and brought up in. Yes, I was a home birth.

As Victorian London grew to over 1 million people, there was a huge demand for housing, especially near to the expanding London Underground network. Places like Harrow that had formerly been small villages with farms, orchards and the like got swallowed up and became part of Greater London.

Here a couple of shot of my part of the building.

2016-01-08 02.43.08
Kitchen & Living Room

I’m on the ground floor.

On the left, you can see my kitchen window and one of the living room windows. Being on the end, I get an extra two windows. Most of the flats don’t have a window in the kitchen or a side window in the living room.

The extra windows are both a blessing and a curse. They’re a blessing because I get a lot more light in my flat but they’re a curse because they limit furniture placement and, in the kitchen, the amount of wall storage I can have.

You can also see the common satellite dish for the building. As well as an aerial for over the air broadcasts, we have satellite connections in each flat. Alas the monthly fee doesn’t cover satellite TV.

To the right of the stairwell, you can just see the French doors to the common room.

Finally, here’s a shot of the gardens from the side living room window. It’s the only big bit of garden we have. There’s a strip of about 8-10 feet between the end of my living room and the neighbour’s garden fence. The runs around the rest of the building.

2016-01-08 02.43.45


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