The Bathroom

Bathrooms, only second to Kitchens in terms of expense. When I first saw the picture, I thought that I’d be able to install a bath instead of the shower. I’ve always preferred having a bath to a shower, must be the European in me !

2015-01-30 20.49.36 copy

When I had the pump installed, I asked the plumber about installing a bath. As he’s done a lot of work on units in the building and has installed a bathroom, I figured that he’d know the Ins and Outs of it.

He gave me good news, it’s possible to make the change. But, it would be difficult aka very expensive as there are a number of pipes behind the shower.

After a lot of thought, I decided not to do it.

I did make some minor changes. New flooring, new lighting, new storage, new sink and I changed the way that the shower door opens so that I can’t bump myself on the new sink.

Here’s the final result.

2016-01-02 03.02.22 copy

2016-01-02 03.03.18 copy


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