Thoughts on Thanksgiving

I hope that you had a stress free Thanksgiving.

For the last 18 years, life has gone from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year in a kind of a blur.

Which is to say Candy adverts to Turkey / Black Friday Sale adverts to Christmas and New Year adverts.

This year, if it wasn’t for the UK stupidly adopting Black Friday, I wouldn’t have known which day was Thanksgiving. The closest thing that the UK has to Thanksgiving is the Harvest festivals that happen in September. And those aren’t a holiday.

I really missed my Thanksgiving traditions of spending time with fellow ‘orphans’ on the Thursday. Ignoring the Black Friday sales by, usually, going for a hike and going to the SF Car show on Sunday.

On November 1st, we were bombed by not Black Friday sales adverts but Black Tag week adverts. And, Christmas adverts; especially charity adverts. I’m so glad that I record most of the programs I watch so that I can fast forward through any adverts.

The ‘best’ Christmas advert is considered to be the John Lewis one.

It’s done a lot for raising awareness of loneliness around the holiday period. A few people think the ad is a bit creepy and I kind of agree with them. What do you think?


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