Fish and Chips

Before the bad weather really starts, I’ve been going out for for an hour or so each day to get some exercise.Yes, I know it doesn’t sound like me but I’m trying to turn over a new leaf.

When the bad weather starts and I can’t get out quite so frequently, I’ll start exercising with some of the You Tube walking videos. Not quite the same but should get me moving.

On my way back today, I decided to stop off and get some fish and chips for lunch. I’m lucky in that there are 2 fish and chip shops near by.

As the place had just opened, I had to wait for the fish and chips to be cooked. I got chatting to the owner of the shop. He thought that I was an American. I corrected him, of course.

We had a long chat about what is home and how it’s more an emotional feeling than a physical location.

Where’s home for you?


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