Making Progress

Things are moving forward albeit at a pace closer to a snail than a cheetah. Here’s the state of play as of Wednesday August 5th. What I was hoping to have completed by end of July is now looking like the end of August, with the probable exception of the windows. 

Yesterday, I went back to Ikea and ordered the appliances. They’ll be arriving on August 11th. Not sure when they can be fitted as my nephew has other work. I know, how dare he !

Also, yesterday I got approval to replace the windows in my flat. Not sure when they’ll be able to be fitted. 

What I think is the final batch of furniture will be arriving on August 13th. A small desk, file cabinet and small bookcase. Together with the picture frames for my artwork. 

The shower still isn’t working. Am visiting my sister to shower. The Estate Mgr confirmed that there’s an issue with hot water pressure in the complex which probably has something to do with the problems I’m having. She’s contacting her contractors and, hopefully, one will be round soon to look at things and, hopefully, fix them quickly. My bank balance is getting ready for another shock. 

Two of the three storage heaters are in place. The one in my bedroom, below, and the one in the living room. The one for the hall was defective and so I have the guys back today with a new one that, hopefully, will be in working order.



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