My new Kitchen

In my first couple of months here, i’m replacing a lot of stuff. I’m doing it mainly so that I’ll never have to worry about it again but also because I have the money now and, probably, won’t have the money again: knowing the way that I can, and will, spend money.

One of the biggest things that I’m doing is replacing the kitchen. And by replacing the kitchen, I mean that I’ve designed what it looks like, with help from Mr. Ikea, and am overseeing the installation. I’m not actually doing the work ! Come on, I’m not that daft. Also, I want it done right. 

Here’s the kitchen before I started. Given the size of the kitchen, not quite 8′ by 7′ or 2.4 by 2.1 meters, the layout is fine. 

The hob and the oven seemed to have only 2 settings. 

  1. Is it on?
  2. Everything’s burnt

Most importantly, no space for a dishwasher.

And, here’s the new kitchen

As you can see, there’s still a little way to go 🙂 This is the kitchen, without the appliances. I haven’t bought those, yet. Which is just as well because I don’t think I’d have the room for them.

The cats have given their approval, to the boxes. 


2 thoughts on “My new Kitchen

  1. Wee kitchen; just enough for your little butt. Cats look good. New kitchen is filled with promise. LOL…

    Sincerely, Josie Addington


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