Bad Neighbour – Yes, that’s me

Last Monday (June 16th), I couldn’t sleep. I woke up 2:30-3 am brain firing on all cylinders and unable to fall asleep again. By 5 am, I’d had enough and decided to get up and finish building the chest of drawers (dresser). Just because all of my cylinders were firing, it doesn’t mean that I was making any more sense than normal.

So, I get up and finish building it.

Pleased with myself, I go back to bed and have a nap.

Later that morning, I’m Kon Marie’ng my clothes, chatting to my sister and I hear a knock at the door. It’s my upstairs neighbour. Seeing that I’m on the phone, she says she’ll drop by later. In the afternoon as I continue the unpacking and trying to find a temporary home for stuff, there’s a knock on the door.

It’s my neighbour again. 

She’s here to complain. Apparently, I was making a lot of noise this morning and disturbed her. I apologise and then she goes onto tell me about how much noise there is in the building, how even though she’s soundproofed her bedroom, she still hears the noise from the woman living above her, etc, etc. 

Ms Bionic ears, as I think of her, has been living here for about 18 months. I get the feeling that she regrets moving here and would like to leave, her flat was on the market earlier in the year. I thought a little over priced compared to other units in the building. 

We part on reasonably good terms.

I haven’t seen Ms Bionic ears since and I haven’t been up at 5 am bulding any more furniture, but that could change, depending on how much I want to annoy her !


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