The cats are now in town

3:30 pm on Tuesday June 16th the cats arrived safely after their 6,000 mile trip. 

They were pissed.

They started complaining even before they were in the flat. I think that everyone in the complex knows that I’ve 2 very vocal cats. 

Opened up their crates and Tabby comes out first; he’s the more adventurous one. Even while I’m petting him and he’s purring, he’s also yowling. Don’t know how he managed it but he did.

Black comes out, completely avoids me, starts exploring and yowling. 

I show them where the food, water and litter tray is. While they’re eating, they’re not yowling. Alas they don’t eat for that long. After almost 2 hours, they stop yowling as they explore. 

Now they’re doing more of a low level grumbling. 

When my bedtime rolls around, they decide they’re going to sleep on the bed with me. Which means that they’re taking up 3/4 of the space and I have to squeeze in as best I can.

So ends Day 1 with them. 


One thought on “The cats are now in town

  1. Hi Chris! It’s good to hear from you, even from across the Atlantic. I’m glad you and the little ones arrived safe and sound at your new home. I, too, am relocating soon, and face a similar challenge.

    Take care, my friend! Try to stay in touch. I’ll try as hard as I can.


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