Virgin Atlantic, let me count the ways I love you

Virgin Atlantic / America are the best airlines that I’ve ever travelled on. They either actually do care that you have a great flight or they employ better actors. 


The check in guy was very friendly and didn’t charge me for my over weight luggage. They weren’t overweight by much but other airlines would have charged me if I was 1 oz over.

Virgin Atlantic’s food is edible and has flavor. I know, I’m in shock to. I asked for chicken but they’d run out of it and the steward offered to see if one of the other sections had any of their chicken dishes left over. I had the beef curry instead. Pretty mild as curries go but very flavorful. Even the scrambled eggs for breakfast weren’t  dry and rubbery, a major miracle for airline food.

Even better, I manged to sleep for most of the flight as the seats weren’t stuffed with rocks.

Overall, a great flight. 


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