Passport, Passport, Where’s my passport?

I’ve heard that as you as you retire, your brain goes to mush. I can confirm it’s true.

There’s a wonderful service in San Francisco and some other cities called Shyp. You take a photo of the stuff you want to ship, call them up and they pick it up and send it to its destination for you. I decided to use it to send some stuff to me saving me time and energy. It’s a great service, especially as I was flying out on Sunday May 31st.

I mention this because I shipped my passports by mistake. I found this out at 9 pm on Saturday May 30th, 19 hours before I was due to fly.

Panic set in.

I was able to contact Shyp on Sunday and they told me that not to worry as carriers don’t pick up at the weekends. Crisis averted. 

I went down to their packing warehouse only to find that not only had the carrier picked up but that the box with my passport was in Tennessee. Shyp organized for it to be delivered back to San Francisco, so all I had to do was wait and wait and wait.

On Sunday June 7th, my passport was back in my hands.

I was able to get a flight out on June 11th that only cost me an arm. Then I had to organize the re-examination of the cats and their flight to the UK. They’re leaving on June 15th arriving June 16th.

The upside to this very expensive delay is that I had time to chill, to calm down ahead of the move. I’d been doing so much rushing around and, if I’d have arrived in the UK as planned, I’d have done even more rushing around as soon as I’d arrived. 


4 thoughts on “Passport, Passport, Where’s my passport?

  1. Mr. Tilley- I can’t believe you were here an extra week and didn’t come meet us for lunch!!! Glad it all worked out with the passport- I sure miss seeing you!


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