Ch Ch Ch Changes


Just when everything looks safe, life throws you a curve ball.

The woman whose apartment I’m buying died suddenly on March 18th. The Estate Agent (Realtor) told me that the heirs still wanted to sell the place to me but that there would be an unspecified delay.

I immediately went into problem solving mode. Should I stay on the path? Should I buy a different apartment? Should I give up on retiring? What is the universe trying to tell me? All these questions and more were running through my head and out of the mouths of friends and family.

What I should have done was go into chanting mode, which I eventually did.

This hit me hard because I’d booked my ticket for May 3rd and was already in target countdown with less that 30 work days to go. As with a lot of things in my life, if I didn’t have the cats, this wouldn’t be an issue as I’d have kept to my original date and either stayed with family and friends or done some traveling around Europe while I was waiting. As I do have the cats, it became a bigger issue.

Ultimately, I decided to stay with the original apartment and move all my dates out. Speaking to my solicitor (lawyer) and the Estate Agent, it looks like it’s a simple estate and that probate will take 6-8 weeks from the time of death. We’ll need to exchange contracts again but exchange and completion can take place on the same day.

So, I made a few adjustments. I’ve arranged for the balance of the sale price to be transferred to my solicitor on April 27th. The earliest that probate is likely to be granted. My guess is that it’ll be the week of May 10th.

I cancelled my ticket and rebooked for a flight on May 31st. I rearranged the cats boarding in San Francisco prior to their flight, vet exam prior to the move, etc and organized their flights for June 4th.

I’m not looking to push the move out again. If there are delays that push the purchase date out past May 29th, the cats will need to go into a cattery while I’m waiting. Not ideal for them but the lease on my apartment is up and I need to move.


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