Some people say that pets are pretend children and that you should get a pet before you have a child. This is just wrong headed thinking. Pets are way more important than children.

I have 2 cats approx 16 years old. I’m moving 6,000 miles to a new country. What to do with the cats?

I can think of 5 possible solutions. There may be more, I’m not sure.

1. Kick them out of the door and let them fend for themselves on the street.
2. Put them down
3. Put them in a shelter

These are not options I’m prepared to consider. They’ve been indoor cats their entire life and wouldn’t survive on the streets. I’m not even sure if I’d survive on the streets.

If they were really sick, then I’d put them down. One has a chronic condition but its manageable.

Putting them in a shelter at 16 is the same as putting them down, except I’m not the one doing it.

4. Find them a new home
5. Take them with me

Ideally, I’d find them a new home. But that isn’t going so well. Either people already have pets or they’re allergic to cats.

So, it looks like they’re coming with me. Not my ideal situation but one I can live with. It is the most expensive solution but, so far, it’s the only one that’s open to me. I know that I’m In the fortunate position of being able to afford the cost of tranorting them 6,000 miles.  


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