It’s the little things

that are driving me crazy.

When you’re moving a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand miles, some things are no brainers to either come or to stay.

In my case, I’m moving 6,000 miles and so stuff like furniture, TV, kitchen appliances are no brainers for staying behind. No matter how much I like / love them, it makes no sense to move them across the ocean. They aren’t valuable antiques.

It’s the little stuff that’s driving me nuts. What do I do with my fridge magnets? Bring them, leave them, bring 5 absolute favorites? What about my stone hearts, etc, etc?

Each of the by themselves isn’t a big deal but taken together they become a big deal. And, that’s before I get to the medium sized stuff like artwork.

I know I’m putting to much thought into this, none of it really matters. But, that’s how I roll.


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