Home is where . . . .

Where to live?

I’m monolingual, which is a fancy way for saying I can only speak language, English in my case. For some reason, I’ve never been able to pick another one up. I’ve tried French, Latin, Spanish, Italian, nothing. I even lived in Italy for 7 weeks and came away not speaking much more than I knew before I went there.

As an EU Citizen, I can live anywhere in Europe. But I really needed to be somewhere my language handicap wasn’t going to be an issue. This narrows things down to the UK, Ireland, some parts of southern Spain, Malta and a few other places.

In the end, I decided on the UK. I was born there, have family and friends there. Know the language 😃. With hindsight, it was a no brainer but I did do a lot of thinking and chanting about it before coming to the conclusion it was the right choice.

Yes, I do tend to over think things.



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